A collection of Lego figurines

About Us

From a young age, Joan and Jeremy were fascinated by Legos.The Lego collection began for both Joan and Jeremy. The Lego Collection has been collected over the course of 20 years and have been combined together for the grand opening of the "JTandJW Collection" Gallery in Melbourne. They have been accumilating small logo figurines throughout their life and now it is being showcased to the public for the first time in Melbourne.


Na na na na na na na na BATMAN! The myth, the legend,
he is the protector of Gotham City. Is he a superhero?
One might argue. He has other companions such as Robin
and the Justice League. He owns a batmobile and fights
other criminals to keep the city safe.


Is that a bird, a plane, a man, a spider? No! Its Spiderman!
He is a science kid who got bit by a spider.
A masked superhero dressed in a costume. He has many
superpowers including superstrength, shooting spider
webs and sticking to every surface.


"Why are you a Police?" "Because I like fast cars."
His duties envolves fighting crimes, signing documents
and saving people's lives. When you see the red and blue
flash you know you are fine. In his spare time he
likes to eat some donuts.


Who is your partner in crime? Policemwoman's partner is...
you guessed it-Policeman! Her typical day includes chasing
down someone in the highway, busting a drug deal and
locking the bad guys. In her spare time, she likes
to do yoga FIto relax the mind.


Born in the land of the rising sun; Japan; Swordman
is known for his Kendo abilities. His martial arts
practice began when he was in junior school,
now Swordman holds world records. He was placed first
in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


Legend says that Helmetman has been wearing his helmet
since 5th grade. It all started with his bike helmet.
Now his steel helmet has been sitting on his
head for the past decade. He has an impressive
collection of helmets at home.


Look away for one second and all your belongings are gone.
Robberman is known for his quick and sneaky hands.
He is a snitch, and is part of a gang.
He will be released from jail in 2 weeks,
beware of your belongings and always keep an eye out.


Hatman was named after his dad, who was a milliner.
Hatman has always been intrigued by hats.
Growing up around milliners, hatman developed
a love and passion for all sorts of hats; boater, akubra, sunhat,
you name it! He would always say, "there is
a hat for every ocassion!"

Gallery Location

Corner Carpenter and Wilson streets, Brighton (entry on Wilson Street)